The MyBag Guide to the Tote Bag

Potentially the most hard-working item in your wardrobe, too long has the tote bag been
forgotten about. Here at MyBag we’d like to toast the bag that sees us though our day,
the bag that has carried everything from school books to gym kits. Yes, the tote is that
go to piece that needs no thought, something that goes with every outfit. But how well
do you know your totes?

The Best Friend


Meet your best friend. The bag that takes you everywhere. Filled with old receipts and
empty packets of chewing gum, this is the bag that fits your phone, wallet, keys, make
up bag, laptop, diary, and even an extra pair of shoes for those days when you
(mistakenly) attempt a heel.

The Shopper

It’s Saturday, you’re heading into town, ready for a day of shopping and lunch – what do
you take? The shopper tote is the cool younger sister of your everyday tote. Slouchier,
sleeker and a touch more playful, this is the bag that will take you from lunch to a
weekend away whilst still managing to fit your sneaky order inside.

For Ladies who Lunch

Do you want something a bit more luxe, something that oozes class? Step your game
up and try out a luxury tote with all the benefits of your everyday tote but just a touch
more sass. Fake it till you make it, this is that bag that will look great on one arm whilst
you drain your mimosa with the other.

The Mini


Not ready to leave your mini bag behind and venture forward with an oversized tote?
Never fear, ease in with a mini tote – the perfect in-between. Generally slightly more
structured, imagine shrinking your favorite bag into a perfectly miniature size.

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